Linux is one of the most used open source operating systems in the world today. An operating system is simply a software that manages all of the hardware resources associated with your computers.
Almost between one and two-thirds of the webpages on the Internet are generated by servers running on Linux.
Companies and individuals choose Linux for their servers because it is secure, and you can receive excellent support from a large community of users, in addition to certain companies like Red Hat, which offers commercial support.

Why use Linux?

Are you really satisfied with the services of that operating system you’re currently using? Or are you constantly battling viruses, malware, slow downs, crashes, costly repairs, and licensing fees? 
If you struggle with the above mentioned issues, and want to free yourself from the constant fear of losing data or having to take your computer in for the “yearly clean up,” Linux might be the perfect platform for you. Linux has evolved into one of the most reliable computer ecosystems on the planet. Combine that reliability with zero cost of entry and you have the perfect solution for a desktop platform!
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