Privacy Policy

Cybraum Technologies is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of information about our customers, as well as the data of our customers. Our Privacy Policy applies to all information we receive from our customers online and in document form. We always strive to safeguard the privacy of information, both online and offline with the following steps:

  • We notify our customers when we are requesting information from them, including the type of information we are requesting and the purpose for which that information will be used.
  • We maintain accurate records for the personal, identifiable, and retainable information we collect.
  • We use physical and electronic secure system technology to safeguard the information of our customers.

We collect information from our customers or about our customers in occasions when a customer initiates an online request for a demonstration, or executes contracts with Cybraum Technologies. In these situations we collect personal information to verify the identity of our customers and to verify the customer intent for use of our product(s).

Cybraum Technologies may also use information about our customers for internal business purposes like billing, statistics, client services, fraud monitoring, and expanding and improving the products offered by us. Additionally, we may use the information to send you product information and marketing material. (You may opt out of receiving such information by contacting us and completing a written request to be removed from any such list.)

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